Big Brother 15 keeping it all the way real.. Real Prejudice..


CBS’s hit show Big Brother has become a guilty pleasure for me the past few summers. I’ve never been much of a reality show watcher but this human game of chess composed of many layers of lies and deceit is rather interesting to me. Put a bunch of strangers in a house together with cash on the line and you really get to see how shitty people will become to one another all in the name of the Almighty Dollar.

This season, not even two weeks in, may go down as one of the most controversial ever. Now the conspiracy theorist in me finds it interesting that this is happening so close to the Paula Deen debacle which has been a ratings draw. I find it interesting how the following event after David, Aaryn’s on camera love interest, gets evicted Jeremy and Aaryn get away with cheating and Jeremy was so quick to give Aaryn the HOH only to follow up with I can focus on trying to win HOH next week. Regardless of all that, the problem at hand is that this season’s cast is rather, well prejudice.

As I scour online from Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook, I see people in an uproar calling for Aaryn and several other House Guest to be removed from the show. I find this interesting, for one, because all the people I see upset are Caucasians who have not been targeted by any of this bigotry. Also because, and maybe its due to my cynical view of the world as a 30-year-old African-American, I think to myself, “Who Cares?”

The fact that a bunch of Caucasians, many from the South, have prejudice viewpoints just doesn’t shock me anymore. Similar to the Paula Deen incident. I didn’t bat my eye at it, because it wasn’t a surprise. I was more surprised how the Paula Deen incident turned from a TV celebrity using derogatory slurs to, “Well black people say nigger, why can’t I?” (My thoughts being, why do you wanna say nigger so bad?) I also won’t get started on CNN’s, “What’s Worse the N-Word or Cracker?” (Probably the one you had to bleep out.) Also when did this turn into a black/white thing, I thought a white woman sued her and not about the N-Word.

I don’t care when a TV personality gets caught with their pants down and says something not PC. All it once again shows me is that the only difference between the 60’s and now is at least back then, you knew who your enemy was.

P.S. Dear Aaryn, whose parents probably meant to name you Aryan but got the spelling wrong, if you ever decide to walk on the dark side.. DM me.. @whoisadversity


Less end this with a Big Brother Bigotry MegaMix!!!


Will Smith: Django Unchained


I recently came across an entertainment news piece that may be old to some but its brand new to me. That little piece of entertainment news was the fact that Will Smith was originally who Quentin Tarantino had in mind for Django, but he turned it down. His initial reasoning was scheduling conflicts, but then he came out with his real reason. Django wasn’t the main character in that story.

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Yeezus and A Different State of Black


This summer there will be two Hip-Hop albums being released by two entirely different Hip-Hop artists. One entitled “Yeezus” by pop icon and household name, Kanye West. The other entitled “A Different State of Black” will be self released by an independent artist by the name of adVerSity. Two separate artists, two completely opposite levels of fame, but something tells me the subject matter might be fairly similar on both projects.

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Is Gay The New Black?


A popular phrase I keep hearing is “Gay is the New Black.” For anyone who has not heard this phrase, it is reference to the LGBT community looking for equal rights within America, one of the most discussed issues being a same-sex marriage bill, much like African Americans looked for civil rights during the early 1960’s. Now I personally believe gay people should have the right to get married. Regardless of anyone’s dogma concerning how natural/unnatural, whether people are born gay vs. it being choice, if anyone’s God accepts Gay people; at the end of the day, the government should not be allowed to tell consenting adults if they can get married or not. People of varying religious practices should not intervene in the marriage of consenting adults. You have the right to disagree, but if you think what these people are truly doing is wrong, it is between them and God and not your duty to go around policing the public. To the Christians screaming from the rooftops about Gay Marriage (I see you Westboro Baptist Church), does the New Testament not state that Jesus intervened in the public stoning of Mary to simply state, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Practice what you preach.

My concern though is simply with the statement “Gay is the New Black” because I genuinely don’t see how it is. If the message behind that statement is that the LGBT community would like to be treated as equal citizens, then by all means I understand that. But to say it is the new black is discounting what many African Americans went through in the 1960’s.

Let’s just use a scenario that before this decade is over, gays are allowed to marry and from that point on can’t be “legally” discriminated against. Then that would make this decade similar to the late 1950’s to early 1960’s for African Americans considering that the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. I’m sorry but I don’t see Gays having separate sections on buses, separate water fountains and entrances to go through..



I don’t see Gay Pride Marches being stopped by Policemen striking people across the head with batons or having German Shepherds sicced on them.




I don’t see news articles stating how mentally inferior Gays are. I also don’t see Gay Civil Rights leaders getting murder in droves and forced to flee the country, (shouts out to Assata Shakur who is still hiding in Cuba from government officials).

The most recent Hate Crimes report, that I’m able to find, from the FBI shows that as of 2009, there are still more cases of Hate Crimes against people of varying races and religious backgrounds, with sexuality being number three.


I may be swinging for the fences but to me that says “Niggas and Muslims” are still getting attacked more frequently than homosexuals, once again this information is as of 2009.

Even looking at Television, Reality Shows are at the top of proverbial television entertainment hill and there are many prominent reality shows with gay leads or based around Gay Culture. Once again referencing my earlier reference to now being equivalent to the blacks 1960’s and quick Google search would show:

May 1963: Thousands of African Americans, mostly children, arrested while protesting segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. Eugene “Bull” Conner unleashes fire hoses and police dogs on demonstrators.

June 1963: Medgar Evers, civil rights activist, murdered and killer not convicted until over 30 years later.

October 1963: Sam Cooke and band arrested for registering at a whites only motel in Louisiana. Later becoming the inspiration to “A Change Is Gonna Come.

And the stores go on and on…

I don’t want this to be taken as an attempt to downplay the LGBT Movement, I hope the community gets an opportunity to feel equal in America in this lifetime and people can stop arguing over people’s sexual preference. I just think that calling Gay The New Black drastically takes away from what African Americans went through to obtain the ability to be treated as equals within America, though instances like Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo make me question if blacks can even be considered treated like equal citizens, but thats my own personal take. Calling “Gay the New Black” would be like calling the Boston Bombing the New 9/11. Both incredibly horrible events that woke up America, but on differing scales that should not be compared to one another.

Drugs are bad, m’kay?


The war on drugs has been raging on since the Ronald Reagan administration. The ideology behind it is rather romantic. Protect the people by saving them from themselves. Is it really effective though? Or better yet, is it even worth the trouble?

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Rap Music+Prison=Money

I just read a very interesting article about a letter sent to a Hip Hop website from an anonymous industry insider. Whether the man’s claims are true or not, I myself can’t prove. All I can say is its very plausible and if true should be thoroughly investigated and criminal charges be brought up against all involved.

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