Yeezus and A Different State of Black


This summer there will be two Hip-Hop albums being released by two entirely different Hip-Hop artists. One entitled “Yeezus” by pop icon and household name, Kanye West. The other entitled “A Different State of Black” will be self released by an independent artist by the name of adVerSity. Two separate artists, two completely opposite levels of fame, but something tells me the subject matter might be fairly similar on both projects.

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The Girl With No Last Name


Your the chick in my 5th hour history class, that has turned into more of a study hall because our original teacher is on the run from the cops for having sex with underage girls. We go to this class everyday after lunch and everyone just goofs off and shares gossip. We have a new substitute teacher everyday that is simply there to babysit and make sure the students aren’t fighting or smoking weed in class.  We’re half way done with the school year, so the board has practically given up on teaching us anything this year. It’s right around the time when school starts back up after Christmas break, and your the new girl.

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A Dream Deferred (Part Three)

“When It All Falls Down…”

So my girl decided to do one of the mystery shopper jobs. She received a money order for $500 and specific instructions. After she cashed the money order she was to spend “X” amount of money at Wal-Mart and rate the customer service. From the cleanliness of the store, customer assistance to cashiering. After that “X” amount of dollars were to be Western Union’ed to the company’s address and again rate the customer service. What was left was hers to keep, to cover time on the job and gas for traveling. She did the first gig, Western Union’ed the money, emailed the tracking number but not the customer service report. The manager called her the next morning and said that he received the tracking number but needed the customer service report. My girl and I figured if it was indeed a scam, the guy wouldn’t be too worried about a customer service report just about the money.

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A Dream Deferred (Part Two)

“Everywhere I go they like what happened…”-adVerSity”

Christmas was upon us & LT informed us all that the studio would be closing for “Christmas break”. No further information was given out. We wrapped up the last session and closed the doors. Luckily I had collected just enough hours to graduate on time. Looking for the silver lining in everything I took this as an opportunity to locate paid work. My girl had found work at a temp agency and I started looking into temp work myself and found an office job. I hated it, but had no choice at this point. Things started to come around, bills were getting paid on time but I didn’t come to Hollywood to work in an office.One night while sitting at home watching MTV, “Making The Band” came on and there was LT in the studio with Day 26 wrapping up their album. I felt all kind of ways for whatever reason.

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A Dream Deferred (Part One)

“I got big dreams, visions for this team”-adVerSity


In November of 2007 I wrapped up the last of my classes at The Conservatory of Recording Arts. It was the happiest day of my life. We went through the congratulation speech and it was off to the final step before graduation, the on the job internship. I had been interning at my home recording studio, tracking and giving Pro Tools lessons. I had also spent some time at a local recording studio so I had completed a good portion of my required hours. I figured if I was going to take the first step in my career as an audio engineer I was going to do it the right way. My current girlfriend, a classmate and myself had discussed it and decided to move to the Los Angeles area of California in hopes of landing an internship in one of the high end recording studios in Hollywood.

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Hey Young World, Quick Introduction

An average man, with incredible dreams
A fascination for the big screen and beauty queens in skin tight jeans
Living life, in a impossible day and age
Working, no days off until he’s old and gray
Hit the studio and write songs about my experiences
And expecting you to become emotionally invested if your ever once remotely experienced it
Sampling no clearances, mixing and self mastering
Out of my 2nd bedroom so I can be ready when the magic hits
Writing screenplays in between albums
I toss and turn while I sleep because my mind moves at a 1,000 miles per hour
Battling insomnia, anxiety and sleep apnea
Working from 10 to 6, and on top of all that, I have a son
I wanna provide the type of life that I never had
Teach’em how to be a man somehow because I never had a dad
Guess we’ll figure it out together
It’s a cold, cold world but I’ll be able to provide the sweater
I’m a overachiever, who’s never satisfied
Praying to fallen heroes wondering why did they have to die
I still have faith though its tested every day in every way possible
Jumping over barbed wire fences because I don’t believe there is an impossible obstacle
I’m still in love with Hip-Hop and I speak to her everyday
Who Is adVerSity you ask?

What more can I say?