A Different State Of Black

An average man, with incredible dreams
A fascination for the big screen and beauty queens in skin tight jeans
Living life, in a impossible day and age
Working, no days off until he’s old and gray
Hit the studio and write songs about my experiences
And expecting you to become emotionally invested if your ever once remotely experienced it
Sampling no clearances, mixing and self mastering
Out of my 2nd bedroom so I can be ready when the magic hits
Writing screenplays in between albums
I toss and turn while I sleep because my mind moves at a 1,000 miles per hour
Battling insomnia, anxiety and sleep apnea
Working from 10 to 6, and on top of all that, I have a son
I wanna provide the type of life that I never had
Teach’em how to be a man somehow because I never had a dad
Guess we’ll figure it out together
It’s a cold, cold world but I’ll be able to provide the sweater
I’m a overachiever, who’s never satisfied
Praying to fallen heroes wondering why did they have to die
I still have faith though its tested every day in every way possible
Jumping over barbed wire fences because I don’t believe there is an impossible obstacle
I’m still in love with Hip-Hop and I speak to her everyday
Who Is adVerSity you ask?
What more can I say?
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