Will Smith: Django Unchained


I recently came across an entertainment news piece that may be old to some but its brand new to me. That little piece of entertainment news was the fact that Will Smith was originally who Quentin Tarantino had in mind for Django, but he turned it down. His initial reasoning was scheduling conflicts, but then he came out with his real reason. Django wasn’t the main character in that story.

While perusing through the YouTube comments on various videos about this matter, I saw a ton of, “Will is so egotistical”, “He’s a douche.”, “That’s why his movies are mediocre.” Including this video:

I like how she turned this into him being ever so vain and the NEED (her emphasise) to be the lead. Her rebuttal to Will feeling that Christoph Waltz was the lead and got to shoot all of the bad guys (including the main antagonist) was that fact that Christoph Waltz won for best supporting actor, “So take note on that one Will.” I for one think this is an invalid argument. Coming from the Hip-Hop world, I cringe every time I see the Black Eye Peas win any type of award in a Hip-Hop category. What committees label it and what it is; sometimes isn’t the same.

I’m sorry but Will Smith is an established actor that has studied this game for quite some time. Especially since he came into acting as another “rapper trying to act.” He really had to study and understand character development and story telling to branch off from rap and be taken seriously as a actor. I think he’s a little more educated than the average viewer when it comes to how a character is portrayed in a story. Also we live in a Public Relations heavy entertainment world. Will’s initial response was probably what his agent wanted him to say and then after being asked about it so many times, he had to give something else. That something else being something truthful, stated in a jokingly manner that could be open for interpretation.

The truth of the matter is, I also felt DJango wasn’t the main character in the movie. I understand that it was staged during the slavery time period (that’s why all the N-Words didn’t bother me) and that back then black men were subservient to white men. DJango though took orders the entire time and was only allowed to kill the white men Christoph Waltz character gave him permission to. Considering that Leonardo DiCaprio was the main antagonist, why did the Supporting Actor have to kill him. I can’t remember Robin being the one to stop the Joker in the end of the series. Even when DJango finally got to let loose and kill all those “bad white men” at the end it was done in such an over-the-top comical fashion that it was hard to really feel DJango’s character accomplished anything. This guy from The Young Turks was on to something before steering right back to Will Smith’s ego.

At the end of the day DJango was a good movie that I recommended to a lot of people. I also feel as if Jamie Foxx was more well suited for this role then Will. My only issue is this turning into a shit on Will Smith fest. He’s just a black actor concerned with playing a subservient role in a slave movie being sold as “Black People Finally Get An Action Hero.”

For more insight on this check out Tariq Nasheed’s take on DJango..

Or if you want something light hearted, how about 4 minutes of everything wrong with this movie.


4 thoughts on “Will Smith: Django Unchained

  1. I have never heard of this before. And it makes perfect sense the way you and Will Smith both put it. And I’d like to tell the chick in the video that her citing Christopher Walker winning an Academy Award, regardless of whether it was “supporting actor” or not, for this film actually says way more about the Oscars than it does Will Smith. Walker gets an Oscar for Django but what about Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington, Especially Jamie Foxx. Check out this article: http://thegrio.com/2013/01/10/black-stars-of-django-unchained-snubbed-by-oscars/

    “I cringe every time I see the Black Eye Peas win any type of award in a Hip-Hop category.”

    Yes, I cringe at that too, with such lyrics as “I’m so 3008, you’re so 2000-and-late” lol.

    • Interesting article and it’s funny because I didn’t even realize that none of the black actors won awards or were even nominated. Yes this does say alot about the nomination committee. That’s exactly why I don’t watch them.. lol

  2. On another note, I wonder what happened to plans for Will Smith to play Nubian Pharaoh Taharqa of Egypt’s 25th ruling Dynasty? Now that is a film I’d love to see him play.

    • His lineup of movies keep changing for some reason. He had some movie about moving to London and the power of his daughters love making Manhattan island began to float towards London. That’s another movie I would love to see. I’m a huge fan of Will’s but I can go without another Men In Black and see something fresh from him..

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