The Sagging Pants Myth Needs to Stop


“You know that sagging your pants is a sign in prison that you’re homosexual and your booty is available, right?”

How many times have I heard this? Old people, young people, white people, black people, the list goes on. Now I can’t say that this is entirely false, because for one; I have never spent time in prison so I don’t know the hidden communication techniques that would come with a prison sentence. Also I don’t associate with anybody who has done a prison term to delve into prison myths. All I can do is observe this from a factual standpoint and come to a conclusion based off of what I know and there are three facts in this situation that I know.

One: You can’t own a belt in prison.

The prison system is a dangerous place where they hold many violent offenders. It is also a demoralizing place for many non-violent individuals. So essentially you have a location filled with a lot of dangerous and/or suicidal people. What is one thing you don’t want either of those groups to have access to, any type of weapon. A belt can be used to strangle yourself or others and due to lawsuits and human rights organizations, you want to minimize deaths not associated with death row as often as possible. As a result you’ll find many inmates who have been issued ill-fitting clothing with their pants hanging slightly lower on their waistline where pants naturally rest.

Two: Poverty and what you can afford.

Growing up on welfare I know a thing or two about growing up poor. In your local ghettos over the course of the past couple of decades you’ll find many boys around the teenage age sagging their pants. During your teenage years you go through puberty and many physical changes. As young boys growing into men, you’ll normally notice an incredible growth spurt happening during these years. I remember awkwardly sprouting 5-6 inches one summer alone. Living on welfare, where in many states places you under the poverty line; a single mother can’t afford to continually buy new jeans every few months. So what happens? She will buy the pants a few sizes too big to give you time to grow into them and take some pressure off of the financial burden raising a growing boy alone can place on you. Also a lot of times in these situations, a belt is a luxury not a necessity. So thus that young boy will find himself walking around with pants too big, hanging half way off of his ass.

Three: Hip Hop has popularized the look

Many young boys of all colors, shapes, sizes and economic backgrounds can be found sagging their pants nowadays. This is the direct result of the popularization of this through Hip Hop fashion. What runs rampant through your standard mainstream Hip Hop tales? Growing up in poverty, becoming a man and a lot of times doing time. We as humans are very adaptable. After growing up in environments of sharing your older siblings clothing and spending time in juvenile and correctional facilities without belts, one would naturally embrace that look and bring it into ones day to day fashion. Adaptation. Why do you think after the Civil Rights movement the word nigga became so popular around African Americans? Maybe I’ll save that one for another day…


80 thoughts on “The Sagging Pants Myth Needs to Stop

    • Thanks for the support.. You know I’m a freelance audio engineer, I could record that hit single of yours and help you spread the true meaning behind pants sagging..

    • i agree…an idiot…because even in jail they give you clothes…and your right you cant own a belt…but they give you clothes that fit you…and ive been in poverty…ive lived in my car…so i know thats not right either…i never owned a belt…yet nobody has seen my shit…you try to own clothes that fit you because of the fact that going out and buying things like a belt…isnt always easy..or we found a rope or something…you know people say we should accept that you guys wear your pants like that…but what about respecting the fact that its extreamly disrespectful to go around and showing the world your under garments…there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself…but when you take it to a point where your actually being more disrespectful than anyhting else…maybe its time to re think your expression and what kinda of statement your trying to make

      • So I am an idiot for having a different opinion than the mainstream based on the things I saw growing up? Ok, makes perfect sense. You stated you been in poverty and lived in your car, was this during your teenage years and were you leaping up a pants size every 4-6 months during this time while your mother had a hard time keeping the lights on let alone keep a proper fitting pair of pants on you? If not, your argument still does not apply to the point I was making of the experiences some face while growing up below the poverty line.

        My point in the lack of belt wasn’t an absolute answer to everyone in America who sags but simply several people I saw who suffered from this. Yes, people in times of need are resourceful and would find various items to assist in keeping their pants up. But once again, I was speaking of young boys during their teenage years when they are also attempting to impress girls. Many of them would much rather let their pants sag and look “cool” then to be caught with a rope around their waist. I don’t know what the peers I was referring to in my story did when they got home, but during school hours this is how they coped with their reality.

        “you know people say we should accept that you guys wear your pants like that”, What people and who are “you guys”? Do you mean blacks? Many people within the African American community have a problem with people sagging, myself included. Simply because I wrote a blog wondering if poverty in the ghettos had something to do with the popularization of sagging doesn’t mean I am attempting to condone it, all I wanted to do was analyze it’s origins in a non-homophobic manner which the sagging pants “myth” at it’s core is. And I’m using myth in it’s literal definition: “a traditional story”. Also “you guys” which I am assuming you mean black, doesn’t account for the fact that young boys of all races sag their pants. The media only seems to demonize African American boys for doing it, in the sense of if blacks wouldn’t of started doing it, others wouldn’t have either. Similar to the “myth” today that if blacks stop using the “N Word” everyone else would as well.

        My statement , which everyone who has had such a visceral reaction to in their responses to this blog seems to be missing, was the fact that the sagging pants myth has been used to “scare” heterosexual boys into thinking that sagging their pants makes them look homosexual, thus demonizing the gay community while insulting African Americans on a fashion style that everyone has adopted but only one group is being harassed about.

        Never once did I state for people to accept sagging pants and your need to call me an idiot just shows you are like the rest of the keyboard idiots who can’t have a proper debate and look past their own prejudice bias. They would much rather hide behind a keyboard, tell me what’s wrong with blacks, call people faggots and insinuate that I must be homosexual for defending them. Makes me fully understand that type of people who believe this and continue to spread this story to the masses..

        Good day,
        Arizona Verse

      • I was given a belt in prison. All the men that sagged in prison were gay and still are. Some of them are out now and still advertise but just in a different way. While they were in prison, the advertisement was that they would wear their pants half way down their ass. I was there. It’s not a myth. sorry.

    • Just for your info!!! Many prison systems allow belts. I know I wore one every time I’ve been down (prison slang for doing time)!!! Think about it?

      • Arizona, you remain an idiot. No an imbecile more clearly defines you.

        And please spare us, yourself and your family the ‘oh I’m a poor disadvantaged black kid’ song and dance. It’s old, and nobody buys it anymore. There are plenty of black people worldwide that have money and dress appropriately, and there are plenty of poor white people who do so too. It is a personal choice to be an idiot and wear your pants in such a disgraceful and embarrassing manner. What, do you think the general world population look at that and go ‘oh I also want to wear my pants like that’? No they don’t! Only idiotic gangster thugs think that! Idiot! It doesn’t make you or anybody else look cool.

    • I don’t know about if I would call this writer an idiot, but this is definitely unintelligible dribble. It seems like you are basically saying, ” Dude, pant sagging DID NOT start in prison. It started with all the poor black people who live in the ghetto and cant afford a belt.”

      *I guess one can see why this person is being called an idiot.

    • Personally I do agree that it is not a flattering fashion trend. My point was not to say that people should accept it, only that its the byproduct of poverty that has been commercialized.

      • Im sorry man… BUT NO!! Poverty?? Really?? My lil sis and I grew up in the ghetto by a single mother, on welfare, etc. I’m sorry but that’s not correct. It was instilled in us growing up (im in my mid 30s) to wear a belt.. wear it around my waste line! PERIOD!! There were times where I had to get hand me downs; pants that were too big for me… BUT, I’ve ALWAYS had my pants up around my waste line, with using either a rope or belt! I’ve had my peers (grade school through high school) make fun of me because of it (using a rope as a belt). What bothers me the most now a days is that a lot of young men out there actually tuck their shirts (mostly the back area) into their under garments (boxers, etc) to make sure that their rears are showing. WTF???!! You cannot tell me that’s due to poverty! It literally turns my stomach when I see that. It’s NOT called for! And YES… No matter what they say.. IT HAS ORIGINATED from prison! There’s NOTHING masculine or “gangster” about it! It means.. One is ready to take some D***! It has NOTHING to do with poverty, etc. Origins can sometimes be blurred from the truth through time. I have come across MANY inmates who have all said the same thing! It’s all about doing “what needs to be done in prison to get by”. It’s days like this I wish MLK Jr. was still a live! I would LOVE TO HEAR HOW HE WOULD REACT AND/OR SAY!! Knock some damn common sense on our young ones!! Just misguided!!

  1. I do know ex-cons, and it’s not a myth. The pants that you get in prison have elastic waists, so you don’t need belts. The reason for the sagging is, in fact, sexual availability to other men. But this article is old, so by now you may already know that. It was an interesting read though. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding your input. Glad you found it an interesting read. I will say that I’m not trying to disprove the fact that there is a subculture in jail that follow this, my only concern is with the belief that jail and homosexuality are the only factors in the origins of the sagging pants epidemic.

      • They need to pull their pants up! It’s absolutely ridiculous and the poverty response is non sense the hip hop culture and poor spend more on jeans that don’t fit than they do on there cars! I am sorry you were poor when you were young, but there are hundreds of facilities and programs that provide clothing that fits for free to impoverished individuals and families! It is a choice these individuals make to look like idiots walking around with belts mind you holding up their pants with one hand! Absolutely ridiculous!

      • As a middle age man from NYC who have seen this first hand. I know this isn’t a myth and it started back in the 70’s before there was a such thing as the word homophobia or the internet

      • Though I will disagree with your statement “before..the word homophobia” because homophobia has been around for centuries, I won’t argue with your opinion on what you saw first hand. I will add though that I spoke with a middle aged man from Arizona who disagreed with the sagging pants starting directly in prison. He was a former gang member and in his neighborhoods it started with teenage boys attempting to differentiate what “hoods” they were from (i.e. colors, type of jeans, style of wearing said jeans). Considering I didn’t live through either of ya’ll experiences, I won’t disregard either. Thanks for chiming in..

      • Good article and this line says it all, ” The most telling aspect of the ordinance’s purpose is that it will be left entirely up to police discretion to decide how low is too low.”

      • Thanks, and personally I think the whole “sagging pants means someone is trying to show their booty is available” is one trumped up to get people to support these kind of archaic laws by appealing to homophobic sentiments – like if they can convince people that “sagging pants” somehow causes more people to be gay (as ridiculous as it sounds) then it just gives them another reason to want to legislate against this sort of attire.

      • I do agree with that.. Many people will try to align two things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, simply to promote an agenda. Everywhere people go directly to the homosexual myth or the gang assumption without looking into the real life experience on an individual. I’m pretty sure nowadays many people do it because it is the thing to do, but when it became popular a couple of decades ago, there was am entirely different socioeconomic reason behind it.

      • Caleb, I suppose you’re one of the morons running around with a gun shooting school kids. You go big guy. Don’t forget to not pay your taxes, so the infrastructure and services you and your fellow swastika friends so openly use ( like roads, running water, fuel) can no longer be made available to you.

      • Let me guess, you must be a cop or a wannabe cop. I know you’re trying to be intimidating, but be careful with all the shit you’re talking. You might get a citation for ‘cyber-bullying’. lmao

  2. I work for the Nebraska State Corrections. All of the inmates can have belts unless they are in segregation or ‘on plan’ because of threatening to harm themselves or others. They are all issued a cloth belt with velcro and they can buy their own. In fact, quite a few at the prison that I work at own leather belts. While some prisons might ban belts, I dought that is the case everywhere.

    As far as people being too poor to afford belts, I seriously question that. A simple cloth belt with two metal loops to secure it can be purchased at Wal-Mart pretty cheaply. In fact, some pants and shorts come with a simple cloth belt, no extra cost. Growing up, my parents had to live off of a tight budget. Something my family and I have to do today. Because of this, I am totally accustomed to shopping at a second hand store. In fact, most of the clothes that our kids have that we’ve bought are second hand. I mean, $15.00 for an outfit that my three year old will outgrow in 6 months, give or take? A new pair of jeans for me run $19-24, brand new! A decent leather belt will be $1-3 at second hand store, and a cloth one will be even cheaper.

    Yes, many hip-hop and rappers have popularized the ‘fashion.’ Also, many gangs have made it popular, and a part of thekr ‘uniform.’ Because many gangs, in the prison system and outside of it, use sagging pants as a way to identify themselves, it is rightly banned in many (if not most) prisons and many places/communities in the everyday world.

    Your reasoning may be true in some areas, but not accurate in all aspects. While sagging pants might not have originated in the prison system, it is so much affiliated with prison gangs, gangs outside of prison, and sends a wrong message to any kind of predator, that it is unwise at least, and should rightly be banned. At the very least, it sends a very poor message about one’s modesty and self image.

    • Thanks for your input, I appreciate your viewpoint. Now I will say that my point wasnt to say these are the exact reasons why people sag their pants. My only point was the myth that many people automatically go directly to the “its a sign of homosexuality in prison” without having any evidence, simply stating it because they heard someone else say it needs to stop.
      As for the too poor scenario, I will agree that Walmart and Thrift Stores provide excellent places to shop for decent clothing at discounted rates. I’m not referring to today though but back during the 90’s, during my teenage years, when I notice sagging pants get more and more common. I saw many of my peers in the Southside of Phoenix, including myself, have the same few pairs of jeans that they would have to wear until they became riddled with holes and had to be thrown out. There was no Walmart up the street and no Goodwill on our side of town. So many kids didn’t have belts and continuously sagged and pull there pants up. We weren’t trying to be cool, act like we were in a gang or promote that we were closet homosexuals, we were just poor. Now I’m not saying this is the case in every community, in every duty around America, I’m simply saying this is what I saw with my peers in the community I was raised.
      I do agree wholeheartedly that the look can be taken in a negative light, but as the saying goes, we should all walk a mile in someone’s shoes before we judge them simply because of our opinion on how one should dress. I myself, now 30, no longer sag and my two sons when they become teenagers a decade from now, also will not sag their pants because they won’t experience the childhood I did and also because I believe the over the top sagging to the point of your entire boxers hanging out is completely ridiculous.
      Simply trying to shed light on some other possibilities and dispel a myth I hear too many people bring up with out an iota of evidence.
      Thanks for reading..

      • I live in Detroit and I think all the sagging pants kids are definitely fags. I nor anyone else wants to see their asses, and it says how much they respect themselves to be thought of as trash on a first impression basis

      • Once again the homophobia in these replies are something else. It is one thing to say it shows horrible fashion sense, but to say that it outright determines someone’s sexual orientation is in my opinion outrageous.. If it is one thing this blog has taught me is what kind of people believe in this myth, which makes me have to disregard your opinion.. Good day..

      • How in the HELL you are talking about in the 90s.I grew up poor in south Georgia and the youngest of 5 with a single mother.We didnt SAG our pants.Dude get all your facts and stories correct before trying to use the internet for nonsense.I have an uncle thats been in the prison system 20years and several other relatives that has done time in the 70s,80s,90s and 2000s.They have all said the same thing the sagging of pants come from making yourself available to be FUCKED

      • Considering I grew up in 90’s I think I have every right to discuss what I saw during my youth. Once again, I didn’t say that there are not cases of it being used in prison, I simply stated that it is not the only origin.

  3. Interesting thoughts on debunking the theory.
    First let’s differentiate between local (city/county) jails and state/Federal prisons. Without going into endless detail why, suffice to say they are two separate worlds. For the purpose of the ‘availability’ argument, it seems the origin has always been stated as coming from prisons. As the Correctional Officer stated, some prisons do allow belts. Partial, or full, elastic waistbands are pretty prevalent in many correctional institutions, alleviating the need for a belt.

    Second, delve into the ‘fashion’ aspect: Baggy vs. Saggy vs. My Waistline is Completely Below My Buttocks. There was an evolution of sorts. Those claiming the rap/hip hop culture in the early 90’s started to emulate this ‘fashion’ can’t seem to produce any photographic evidence dating back to that period of the final ‘fashion’ aspect, wearing the waistline completely below the buttocks.

    Look at issue from the now popular standpoint that it’s a problem, and has become a nuisance to society. It seems the real problem is this final stage – to blatantly bare one’s complete underwear covered backside while sporting some pants below said backside. I can’t recall that being the specific issue back in the 90’s. Back then it was just baggy, and saggy, and maybe an inch or two down on the arse.

    Side note: It seems prison staff and inmates from the 80’s aren’t in readily available supply to participate in the debate. Everyone looks to the internet for information, and the internet wasn’t easily and widely available in the 80’s. I’m sure there weren’t a lot of people rushing to fill the web with content regarding prison inmates’ attire back then, either.

    I bring up the 80’s because it seems to predate ANY online debate I can find. I also bring it up because I spent time in prison during the 80’s (haven’t been back since). It was common back then to see the aforementioned waistband worn completely below the buttocks, and it was indeed a sign of ‘availability’, usually “available for sale.”

    • Good arguement, and I won’t debate you on any of your claims. I’m only looking at it from my history (which I included has no jail time involved) of sagging pants and several of those around me growing up. My biggest issue is treating the sagging pants epidemic as a monolith and saying that it has one origin. I think it’s a combination of several things and is unfair to keep telling young boys that they’re trying to act like homosexuals by sagging their pants. Thanks for chiming in though, it’s always good to get another perspective weighing in.

    • Great response! I read this Arizona’s responses and they repeatedly detract any argument once made against his OPINION with no factual information to back them up! I absolutely agree, it was baggy and saggy in the 90’s not dropped to our mid thighs at any point!
      why would you not just pull them up?
      My son has a couple of friends that came to my home with there pants around their butts and being a curious father I asked my son if I could ask them why, he said sure! I sat the two boys down and asked why they have pants on with a belt around there butt? Both responses were “it’s the thing right now”. I asked who said its the thing and rationalized with them by stating my thoughts:
      1. Would they appreciate their father, mother, grandparents or sisters walking around like that?
      Both responses were “gross that’s sick”!
      2. When you get older would you like your daughter to wear her pants as you do?
      Both responses were “No”.
      3. Do your pants button around your waist?
      Both answers “yes”.
      4. Do they need money for new pants?
      Again both answers “no”.

      At the end of our conversation both boys pulled their pants up buckled properly and said I completely get what you are saying. I see them quite frequently around the house and out in public with properly worn attire.

      So maybe fault falls to parenting today! I’m not sure! But none of my four children will be showing their butt or underwear to anyone publicly!

      • Yes it is an opinion and my opinion at that, that was the point of me starting a blog to convey my opinion on an array of topics. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing, perception is reality and we all look at life from our own viewpoint. As I stated earlier I didn’t say that jail had nothing to do with the sagging epidemic, just that I don’t believe in absolutes and I believe that poverty plays a role in it all. I’ve heard the “programs for poor people arguement” before and I’m sorry but there is way more people in America struggling than people who give a damn about people struggling so that doesn’t close the door on that perspective. My only issue is with people who turn this into a “that’s what homosexuals do so that’s why you shouldn’t do it” because quite frankly that’s rather homophobic. I’m only speaking from the viewpoint of myself and my poor friends growing up, who weren’t watching rap videos or idolizing gangsters, but simply boys who were growing up too quick in a single parent household for our pants sizes to match with our waist sizes so don’t put me in the category with the kids who were trying “to promote their booties were available for sale”. I didn’t write this blog to say, “Hey sagging pants should be accepted and everyone complaining should shut up about it.” I was simply opening the door for critical thinking around the situation and peoples emotional response to it prove that people don’t care about analyzing the situation or the possible dichotomy of it’s origins..

    • By simply saying go away is defeating the purpose of addressing the issues and then finding a means to get rid of it. Kids normally don’t react well to, “Don’t do that.. Why? Because I said so.” Hopefully in our lifetimes we will see the over-the-top, entire buttocks section hanging out fad go away.

  4. Its interesting to read all these comments in here. I think the main issue that is missed is why they keep doing this? It seems to me that it it ALL about attention-grabbing. Personally, I laugh when I see these morons “walking” or should I say “waddling” as they hold their crotch and attempt to move. The issue is that its getting very close to public indecency and THATS the issue for the rest of us who have to keep dealing with these morons. I dont need to see your ass through your underwear, and I certainly dont want to sit on a seat that you just planted your underwear on!

    BTW- your point about being poor is a reason.. I dont buy that. Poverty has existed since human beings started and its only in the past 20 years that this saggy pants garbage started. Take a look back a few years in the poor areas of this country and show me ONE picture of a person ( with self respect) who was wearing their pants below their buttocks because they didnt have a belt? I suspect that you wont find any… However, your experience is your own and I cant argue with that..

  5. I am glad boys sag their pants. It’s like they are profiling themselves, it makes it so easy to spot a douchebag in a crowd. I could care less it doesn’t annoy me, it just cracks me up how stupid boys look like retards that can’t wear their clothing appropriately. No self respecting women with a future would date a skanky pants sagging dumb ass guy who’s likely a criminal, uneducated and probably is a double-dipper so-to-speak.

    You are kidding yourself and are all defensive about the practice, and that makes it even funnier! People only get defensive when they have something to defend, and if you truly thought this was a wholesome practice by straight men rather than prison-fags-wannabees, you wouldn’t be getting so bent out of shape that we don’t agree.

    Keep it up! Or better, keep ’em down lmao. Don’t let us get to you just do yo thang and be proud of it and stop crying about it, or stop all together if you can’t take the pressure.

    • Making outrageous claims like someone is a criminal, uneducated or a homosexual because they sag their pants shows that you are probably the douchebag in the conversation. By your assumptions I imagine you are the type to hear about a women getting raped and asking, “Well what was she wearing?” Stereotyping or putting your guard up based on someone’s appearance is human nature, but to make specific claims against said person shows the type of human being you are. Also I’m not sure how me asking what role poverty may have in the origins of sagging pants makes me bent out of shape, but to each his own…

    • That’s funny because during my teenage years of sagging I don’t remember any Air Jordans or cell phones in my possession but I forgot that’s all us minorities have ever valued. Come to think of it might have been all that fried chicken and watermelon that we were buying that caused me to miss out on buying a belt.. Thanks for your intellectual contribution.. Good day..

  6. This is pointless in my opinion. I understand that this is your opinion. But coming from parents that weren’t well off, I can tell you that they didn’t wear sagging pants growing up because of lack of belts. It is totally a parenting thing. My grandmother never let my father or uncle go around like that and my father never let my brother go around with his pants sagging and now at 34 he doesn’t allow his sons to do it either. And no self respecting woman would be seen with a man who follows this trend. It’s disgusting and only attractive to hoodrats. If parents don’t put a stop to it it will continue being an issue. I’ve told young guys (white and black) to pull up their pants and they do it. Adults don’t take the time out to teach the youth, just categorize them. It is a problem because it causes people to stereotype our young men. Whether or not it originated in prison or the ghetto doesn’t make it right. They will continue to ‘fit the profile’ until we put an end to it. Besides all that though, most guys that sag their pants are WEARING belts.

    • I agree with all of that.. The point of the blog wasn’t to say why sagging pants should be accepted, why we should sympathize with the people sagging or even modern day sagging, it was simply to take a look into the origins of sagging pants and other possible scenarios of how it came to be so popular. Obviously I must of failed at presenting my case considering every day people are commenting about things that have nothing to do with it’s origins and a great majority of the comments that have been deleted or posted are simply a bunch of people keyboard yelling fag this, fag that, they’re a bunch of fags!!! As pointless as you may feel the origins of it all may be, he who controls the past controls the future and there maybe more to why it has been popularized in urban fashion run by non-urban individuals but who cares…

  7. Truthfully, if it started in jail as homosexual advances, who cares? Politics in jail almost never relate to the outside world. People seem to dislike places in the middle east where a woman can be prosecuted for what shes wearing, and in America a black man can now be prosecuted for what he’s wearing… oh it makes since, black men are also looked at as second class citizens like women in the middle east and we should not be able to wear what we want, how we want. Boxers are a article of clothing just like a shirt or some jeans, why is it so taboo if you see my boxer shorts lol? Now, back to the jail politics refrence.

    Here in Chicago, what goes on in Cook County Jail doesnt mean a thing in the street and vice versa. From gang politics to clothing, food etc. Say in cook county jaill sagging means “come have sex with me” (it doesnt, people.sag in there all the time i assume, ive only been there once) on the street it would mean a totally different thing

  8. Continued..

    Or like in jail Peoples and Folks gang aliances mean such and such gangs stick together.. on the street all that means is if we go to jail we will be stick watching each others back but for now screw you!”

    Jail politics have nothing to do with the outside world, and on the outside, of jail sagging has nothing with being gay.

  9. Wow. Unbelievable in this day and age people use the word “f*aggot.” Just shows how homophobic, uneducated and ignorant these people are. Arizona.. I’m with you on this issue. It’s pretty sad to read the other comments. A sign of an uneducated bigot!

    • Yes in deed. Many people are addicted to their beliefs, hopefully the next generation will grow up and learn how to speak and debate properly with one another.

  10. I work in a prison and the myth is true. The men who wear their jumpsuits or shorts below their waste…sagging…are the ones who are willin to be sexually assaulted. Interesting read though. Keep blogging!

    • Thank you.. I didn’t write this blog to state that it is not true, I just wanted to point out some other factors that played a role in their origins. Thanks for reading..

  11. I believe you are correct in the fact that the origins of this “fashion” statement is not necessarily from prison communities. I will say in my experience, most of people will scoff at me knowing anything being the fact I grew up in a solid middle class, white family and I am a women. My experience would be that most homosexuals that I have met are actually a lot more focused on looking well put together and would not be caught wearing an article of clothing that didn’t fit appropriately. That being said I also grew up in the 90’s and have been exposed to this developing trend through the years. I am sure there are many cases where “under-privilaged” youth have had to wear clothes too large because it is more cost effective, but that is not the sole reason as you said for them to ‘sag’. It is a trend, just as bell bottoms, and skinny jeans are a trend. A trend that I feel really needs to fade, but that is my opinion. It depends on what you are exposed to and what you are taught is acceptable by the people you look up too. My husband is 6’8″ and he went through major growth spurts as a teen, but because in his life it was never even remotely thought to be an acceptable form of dress or statement, he didn’t do it.

    Unfortunately, I agree that this trend lends itself very strongly to profiling. Not racial profiling, but behavioral profiling. I don’t judge people on the color of their skin because any one can do stupid things. That is human nature, not directly tied to the genetic amount of melanin you inherited from you parents. When I see people with their pants down like this though it does make me more concerned about being any where near them. For all I know they could be members of mensa and be working on world peace, but they give off the impression that they are unwholesome and not someone I wish to asscociate with or sadly run across in a dark section of town.

    So to end I will say thank you, for presenting your impressions and thoughts on the subject. It has made me think on the subject more than just being annoyed and slightly disgusted when I see this trend. I will still feel these things but maybe I can try and see past the first impression to see if they are doing it by necessity or “fashion”.

    • I do agree it is a trend like other styles of dressing. A horrible trend, but a trend nonetheless. Hip Hop has played a significant role in it’s popularity since the 90’s due to, unfortunately, a lot of the kids growing up in the ghettos only have black entertainers to look up to. With Hip Hop, in my personal opinion, being the latest version of Blaxploitation, they only have had negative influences to look up to and mimic their dress code after (I’ll save that for a future blog though).

      I agree wholeheartedly that it causes people to prejudge them. I’m African American myself and I’ll stereotype a black youth walking by me with their pants sagging, covered in tattoos. I have a family member that I love dearly, that fits this description. I personally know that he is not a bad person, but when he brings up how someone has acted towards him and feels it’s simply because he is black, I feel obligated to point out his tattoos to his wrist and all the way up to his jaw line. If you see a white kid walking down the street, bald headed with a swastika tattooed on his neck, you would do the same.

      Thanks for chiming in, I really enjoyed your take on all of this…

  12. I really enjoyed this article, because the poverty aspect of it never occurred to me. From the comments I’ve read thus far, it sounds like the majority of your commenters missed the entire point of the article. Regardless of how the trend started and whether or not it’s an atrocious fashion statement, I think it’s sad that people want to “shame” others into pulling their pants up through homophobia; have we not progressed any further than this in our society as a whole? As a detractor to taking fashion cues from prisoners I can see, but it’s not necessary to bring the “gay” aspect into it. Is it not bad enough that a fashion trend has its roots in the prison system? I had an algebra teacher in the early 90’s who kept a coil of rope next to his desk to fashion a makeshift belt for any young man whose pants didn’t fit quite right, because he believed that undergarments were just that, meant to be worn underneath clothes and not for the general public to see. What I see now in public on a regular basis where the pants are worn so baggy that I can see someone’s entire boxer shorts, often belted under the butt, is tantamount to public indecency.

    Great read, and thanks for the different perspective!

    • Thanks for reading and I am glad you enjoyed it. I do agree several of the people who have chimed in furious, completely missed what I was trying to say. People are addicted to their beliefs though, so I try not to take it personal.

      You had a good algebra teacher, because many of the teachers I saw coming up turned the other cheek and didn’t care. Many of these people went home and their parents (or parent in some cases) didn’t care. Then they grew up and produced the children that we are all complaining about sagging nowadays. lol..

      Thanks for stopping by..

  13. I find it infuriating that not only are the roots of anti-sagging clearly race driven, but also homophobic. “You wear your pants like that, you must be gaaay.” As Iggy Pop once said, “I’m not ashamed to dress like a woman because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” But when we really dig down we discover that the American capacity for cultural relativism exists too sparsely. I never considered poverty as an aspect of this (though I should have, it’s a place that is a part of me), so I thank you for bringing that to light.

    Stop sagging your pants! Because you’re probably black and/or poor and/or unintelligent and/or unwilling to conform to our mainstream, white, middle class ideals. It’s all such bullshit.

      • You reason like a child in defense of irrational logic. You are pathetic, in defense of your pathetic style. You also like to wear your pants around your arse crack – you are predictable & you will lie about this & say it’s not true. And yes, it’s offensive for others to see a fool’s dirty arse. You are a loser. One question only – Why? Try being honest you simple clown.

    • who told you sagging was cool? rappers right? who owns the rappers and make them poison the black community? white people that give them money and fame so that means white people that own entertainment are telling black people its our culture and we do just like they tell us to kill each other name ten rap songs that went mainstream that told you to kill a cracker but they’re damn near a million saying I’ll kill a nigga nothing wrong with wearing loose pants but when you sag you stereotype yourself the shit came from prison and that’s where it should stay

    • race-driven? are you sure you`re not hallucinating ? if you haven`t noticed, there`s plenty of all skin colour and nationality stupid people out there with their trousers sagged. and they`re all equally treated as retarded. as for homophobic bit.. really? are you trolling right now? guess how many actually give a shit if a moron met on the street with their trousers down are straight of homo? i`ll help you .. NONE 😀

  14. Stop making excuses. I was poor coming up to but suspenders work and you can adjust them. Someone always had a belt. Stop making excuses and pull your pants UP!!

  15. Well I would like to say I completely disagree with sagging pants I find it disrespectful and insulting no one wants to see your underwear or your ass. On the subject that you can not wear a belt in prison that is true but you don’t need a belt in prison the pants have an elastic waist band so there ass is hanging out by there own accord and yes it means they are open for business and since you have plainly stated that you don’t associate with offenders how could you have actually spoke to an inmate to get the information because homosexual tendencies aren’t exactly posted by the warden. On a different note I know people have financial trouble and I feel bad for them but at a sore a piece or rope to tie around your waist is a dollar so if your cannot figure out that this will keep your pant from sagging it becomes a choice to have your ass hanging out

  16. i worked in a medium security prison in the 80’s and the homosexual population would sag to show they were single and open for advances. The convicts would openly speak about how sexy it was to watch the fresh fish strut their saggin britches around the yard. the inmates had clothes that fit and they were alowed belts. if they wanted to hang themselves they would use shoelaces or shredded sheets or pillow cases made into home made rope. Also, belts at times. If my dress code was based on a homosexual tradition i would be embarassed and try to change the truth of how the tradition started. I’m not saying everyone that sags is gay but just that is how it started.

  17. dude you sound stupid that is what sagging means it came from prison and dudes that do it wanna get fucked by another dude. that shit looks gay as fuck anyway I don’t wanna see any dudes nasty ass boxers and idk anybody else that does except gay dudes. I guess you niggas gonna start wearing see thru dresses bc lil Wayne does it stop this homo thug shit

  18. while i agree that everyone has a right to their opinion, arizona and many others commenting here dont see the real problems. i dont care if it started in prisons or gangs. i just know i HATE IT!!! every generation had some kind of “fashion” that parents hated. in the 70’s, bell bottoms were in and my mother hated them. she thought they looked the 80’s, everything was spandex. so whats the difference between those wacky trends and this shit we got going on now? we got guys walking around looking like gangstas and felons AND we have young gals dressing like prostitutes, thinking the more tits and ass they can show, the better. these kids dont give two shits about who they offend. the BIG question is, where are all these parents who allow their children to leave the house looking like this. there is NO WAY IN HELL i would let my daughter walk out the door with her bra and tits hanging over the top of her shirt or have her wear a skirt that was so short that you may as well have gone to school in your underwear. todays children have no respect for themselves, no respect for their parents and other people around them. and they all have a “fuck you” attitude. you dont like that my ass is hanging out? fuck you. you dont like that there is more of my bra outside my shirt than inside? fuck you. i am afraid of what our next batch of adults is gonna behave like. and i will end this by saying that this has NOTHING to do with poverty. i have seen $50 jeans and a belt still dangling below the asses of many.

  19. what? morons with their underwear above their freakin` trousers need to stop. it`s just pathetic.. what`s next? carrying trousers in one`s backpack?

  20. Yer an idiot it’s the reason prisons and jails tried jumpsuits moron and I have a fleet of Corrections officers that work in the system that know more than yer assuming ignorance trying to back up a ridiculous fashion epic Failure!!!

  21. You do know what “myth” means, correct? Myth – ” a widely held, but false belief”. You can not say this “May be true”, and continue to call it a myth. It contradicts your entire flow of thought. You go on to say you are sick of people using the prison origin story, as it is untrue, then you say perhaps that is the case, but you have proposed other possible reasons, and THEN you say you hate it when people connect 2 subjects that are not even related (spoiler, they are related). Wow,….You truly are an idiot. Someone already disproved your “no belts in prison” idea. And even then, you do not need a belt to sag your wants (or elastic even). Sure, Hip-Hop may have contributed, but that is NOT where it started. Basically, what you can take away from my message is, your entire article is poorly structured, and not very well thought out.

  22. sooo,to poor to afford a 3$ belt from salvation army? I know it may not be a “cool” belt ,but if you can afford jeans,you can afford a belt…and a good sturdy belt will last through several pairs of jeans,mine did and I grew over 12 inches while in high school.

  23. Hello 🙂 I’m a 14 year old white kid from Northern Ireland. Very interesting read, and the comments were a good read also. I sag my jeans and tracksuit bottoms, but never have it below half way down (i.e. the fullest part of) my backside. I also never have my boxers showing, I make sure my hoodie or t shirt comes below the waistband of my trousers. Anytime i accidentally find my boxers showing, “gay faggot” is always shouted by a peer lol. I agree with everything you’ve said, and with what most of the comments said. Here’s why I sag my trousers. Girl’s from around my area find it attractive. I’m from quite a rough area (stabbings and shootings happen most weekends), and I suppose girls want a “bad boy”, and they think that sagging is a bad boy look? Not quite sure, that’s something I should ask them lol.
    As you said, money is tight, so my clothes are bought a few sizes too big. I also think that sagging trousers make your upper body look bigger/longer. When I’m out with my mates after dark, trousers sagging, hoods up with some gangster rap music on; nobody steps on us. We’re pretty calm and don’t like getting into fights (we’d rather keep our teeth and pull women lol), so looking aggressive gives us a protection. But we also have protection from the fact we have proved to mess people up on many occasions. Lastly, I do a bit of rapping so sagging trousers fit my image (here’s a link of me rapping: )
    Just thought you’d be keen to know why a white, straight kid from now would sag his pants. In all honesty though, it’s because it looks gangster. Thanks for reading

  24. I can point you to a hundred interviews on youtube where real inmates confirm the fact that it signals booty availability. Stop trying to justify a bunch of morons following some homo trend without knowing the meaning. It looks like crap and its GAY GAY GAY..

  25. FYI… I did 3 years in prison at Edgefield SC, and the 1st thing they give you is your clothes AND A BELT!!! So, Yes, they DO give you a belt in prisons.

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  27. I try my best not to judge the kids I see everyday who have there pants not, “hanging half way off of his ass”, but with their asses completely exposed. It’s really hard though, becuase I don’t want see it and I feel like I’m being mooned by every one of them that crosses my path and I find that insulting. Truth is, I want the prison homosexual rumer to be true, because if it were, maybe theis riduculous trend, that has somehow lasted 25 years, would finally end.

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