Rap Music+Prison=Money

I just read a very interesting article about a letter sent to a Hip Hop website from an anonymous industry insider. Whether the man’s claims are true or not, I myself can’t prove. All I can say is its very plausible and if true should be thoroughly investigated and criminal charges be brought up against all involved.

The man claims to have worked in a high position for a major recording label during the late 80’s to early 90’s. In 1991 he was invited to a top secret meeting, with fellow music executives and a group of unknown men to discuss the future of Hip Hop, or better yet rap music. In the meeting the idea was posed to discontinue the promoting of socially conscience Hip Hop and bombard the mainstream public with gangster rap. The idea was proposed that with the creation of privately owned prisons (prisons that are profitable and funded due to the amount of prisoners jailed at said prison), the promotion of a music genre that glorified a criminal life style could lead to a rise in criminal activity and therefore make prison owners and prison shareholders very wealthy.

Now before this is written off as an conspiracy theory, it honestly is possible. Music has influenced cultures since the inventions of radio and TV, i.e. from the Woodstock/Hippie movements and the protests against the Vietnam war in the 1960’s, to disco and the rise of the club scene/cocaine abuse increase of the 1980’s. Hip Hop since 1994 has been the leading genre of music and what has been presented to the mainstream public has gotten more and more ignorant over the years. The result? A steady increase of gangs, teen pregnancy, violence, drug dealing and minorities being jailed left and right. Being 29 growing up in an era where gangster rap was the norm I’ve seen the mentality of a good majority of my peers. “Get money, bitches ain’t shit and you ain’t real unless you did some dirt.” These are the values  today’s youth grows up with and ironically enough these are the themes of many of the rap records that have been promoted by major labels over the past two decades. Being a person who doesn’t believe in coincidence, I can see how this could all possibly connect. Not necessarily the result of a secret organization like the Illuminati set out to take over the world, but simply out of an act of capitalism and the steady need as Americans to make as much money as possible no matter who gets hurt in the process.

The reality of it all is we make our own decisions in life, but many decisions are dictated by our subconscious. Our subconscious views can be manipulated by what we allow into our lives through various means of entertainment and what we find socially acceptable. What we find socially acceptable can be altered through the process of desensitization, in which after viewing something horrible enough times in life over the course of many years can eventually be deemed normal. What is normal becomes committing criminal activities that in the end through fines, arrests and jail time makes someone behind the scenes investing in the jail system and awful lot of money.
Just think, we was just trying to be some niggas with attitudes..

The original article can be read here:


And while you’re at it, take this into consideration:


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