The Separation of Christianity & the Evolution of Freemasonry (Part 2)

The following blog may be deemed controversial or blasphemous to some, please read with caution and realize this is just an reinterpretation of historical public information…

Main Reference: The Master Game by Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock

The Rosicrucians & The Start of the Freemasons…

The Rosicrucian’s, created by Christian Rosenkreutz, are an interesting secret society. The popped up overnight as an invisible brotherhood and flooded Paris one night in 1623 with placards about their society having the perfect knowledge of the most high. They are believers in the “true” message of Christ. A message in R.C.’s tomb spoke of Europe being with child, a strong child who needs a great godfather’s gift. A secret society or prophesy of America?

Side note: Interesting enough the Georgia Guidestones, built in 1979, was initiated by someone with the pseudonym of R. C. Christian, possibly a node to Rosicrucianism.

The Chemical Wedding, author anonymous, details the 7 day spiritual journey of R.C. attending a wedding. Egyptian elements are throughout the story.

Freemasonry, a society of secrets that was once invisible, was publicly formed in 1717. It is unknown how long they had been around and hidden before they were introduced to the public. Their Old Charges a.k.a. Gothic Manuscript goes back as far as the 14th century and their story claims to go back before the time of Noah. When 3 brothers and a sister created the crafts of the world and inscribed them unto stones that could not burn or drown so after the floods man can still know what is needed to survive. Many of their ancient stories have traces of Hermes Trismegistus teachings, stories of Egypt and the building of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.

While Egyptian Hieroglyphs were not translated until the 19th Century, many groups seem to have knowledge of how to read them. An obelisk from Heliopolis was brought to the Vatican Circle in the 15th century. It was to be dressed with bronze statues of evangelists and a huge bronze Jesus with a golden cross in his hand. Pope Nicholas V died before it was completed but Pope Sixtus completed the task 150 years later.  He did away with the previous dressings, but included a cross on it. A message was written on each side in Egyptian hieroglyphs, which once again supposedly could not be translated then. Then 70 years later Pope Alexander VII had an 8 sided elliptical space centered on the obelisk in true Egyptian fashion.

After the Great Fire of London burned down 4/5’s of the city, a known Mason approached the king about an elaborate city layout. It was shot down due to time constricts but appeared a century later in WashingtonD.C. A city layout based around the octagon and the Sephirothic Tree also known as the Tree of Life, from the Hebrew Cabala.

The Knights Templar was another Christian group that after years of success fell to the hands of the Catholic church for heresy. It is said they fled to Scotland and joined the Mason Movement of the Scottish Rite. New evidence shows also that Prince Henry Sinclair of the Templar arrived in northeast America 40 years before Columbus in hopes of a New “Utopian” World free from the Church.

Freemasonry; why 33 degrees? 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, plus 10 spheres in Sephiroth= the foundation of all things. Once obtained you are complete, 33rd degree.

Underground Movement…

During the Middle Ages many religious groups “went underground” to survive, including Cathar Gnosticism, Jewish Mysticism and the Cabala; the recovered Hermetic revelations from Egypt, Templar and Masonic notions to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, the Rosicrucian and New Atlantean (Atlantis) programme for an ideal utopian city designed to bring harmony between heaven and Earth much like Egypt; Civitas Solis, and the adocentyn of the picatrix.

When the first Mason lodges appeared in France; Ramsay, supposed creator of the Scottish Rite branch, wrote a speech that circulated throughout the country. Thus claiming The Knights Templar, simply called The Crusaders, as good and noble men, as well as their ancestors.

Since Great Britain & France were foes going into the 19th Century, the France section of Freemasonry wanted its own identity. They also appeared to make close ties with the American Masons, leading to the American Revolution.

Paris, once again, has been believed to have some ties to the God Isis. It was reported that a Temple of Isis use to be where St. Germain-des-Pres stands. The nearby city, Parisis, translates to Near the Temple of Isis.
In 1635 in the city of Tournai, an ancient tomb was found filled with a statue of Isis, the head of an Apis bull, and 300 golden bees. Bees are the symbol of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

The eye of the pyramid is actually not originally an Illuminati symbol, it actually dates back to Hermetists of the 16th century. They did call for a new world order and went by the name of Illuminati of Bavaria and originally as Order of the Perfectibilists. They were very anticlegircal and antimonarchy.

The same year the Illuminati were created, 1776, the U.S. used the eye of the pyramid as its symbol for its Great Seal, fluke, maybe. One thing is for certain Thomas Jefferson knew of Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, and of his organization as he spoke of him in a letter.

As far as public records show the Illuminati broke up in Germany after their persecution, though some feel they infiltrated the Masonic lodges of France and were the masterminds behind political arrest that lead to the French Revolution 5 years later. Being secretive as they were they often travelled, incognito, and was deemed noble travelers.

The French Revolution…

In 1778, Louis XVI called a meeting of Estates-General. There was 3 Estates, 1. The noble
2. The clergy
3. The People
A pamphlet by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, a.k.a. Anne Sieyes a known Mason, asked What is the Third Estate, if it was 98% of the population but 0% of the vote. The National Assembly was introduced by the people for the people and at said meeting outnumbered the other estates. After the King showed no idea how to turn the economy around, the people revolted and several people from other estates, several Freemasons as well, joined the National Assembly and helped over throw the King, who was later beheaded. His wife Queen Marie-Antoinette warned her cousin Emperor Leopold II of Austria to take heed of all Masonic associations, for they intended to do this in other countries as well. During all this a statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis was erected to commemorate this occasion along with a coin of Isis, the first commemorative coin issued in France.

1793 to 1794 was a disturbing time in France. The Cult of Reason was introduced. Churches brought down, Atheism brought up; the Norte Dame Cathedral becomes the Temple of Reason. Priests and nuns harassed and forced to give up their Gods.

Seems after the second revolution in France, and after Napoleon’s reign and obsession with Egypt, a cultural renaissance began and many Egyptian themed monuments were erected including an obelisk, the Louvre Pyramid, statues of Isis. It also appears that newly renovated Paris was mapped after the ancient city of Thebes-Luxor. Ironically the Hermetic philosopher Tommaso Campanella had predicted in 1638 that Paris would become a City of the Sun in Egypt.

Introducing America…

The Statue of Liberty might possibly be an image of Isis, considering she was the goddess of Liberty and Reason in her time. Definitely Masonic as a Grand Master in 1884 laid the cornerstone and in 1984 a Grand Master laid a bronze plaque signifying the statue was of Liberty Enlightening The World. Ironically, the original ceremony was on August 5th which happens to be the Egyptian “stretching of the chord day” which was performed at dawn at the time of the heliacal rising of Sirius, the dog star associated with Osiris and Isis. Also the 7 pointed star headdress is associated with Seshat, the goddess that was impersonated to perform the ceremony of the cornerstone laying.

When asked why the Masonic fraternity had been called upon to lay the cornerstone of the Statue of Liberty Grand Master William Brodie replied;
“No other organization has ever done more to promote liberty and to liberate men from the chains of ignorance and tyranny than Freemasonry.”

 Echoing the sentiments of early Gnostic and Hermeticists, as well as Cathars and Renaissance incarnations in the Middle Ages; Valentinus, Mani, Bruno and Campanella all stated their goal was to liberate mankind from the chains of ignorance and tyranny.

The founding fathers saw this new world America as a divine providence, and part of a divine plan. Manifest Destiny.

Interesting to note that the two pairs of obelisks that once stood in Heliopolis are now scattered in three locations. Cleopatra’s Needle in Central ParkNY, and Westminster London. The other two are in Place de la Concorde Paris and in its original location in Egypt. 4 locations associated with Freemasonry and Egyptian worship.

Philadelphia is known as the capital of American Freemasonry, with a total of 25 Masonically related sites. Known as the City of Brotherly Love but also translated by some as the City of the Love of the Brotherhood.

Kilbourne Plat in Sandusky, Ohio shows the Masonic square and compass in the layout of the streets.

Marquis de Lafayette was a leader of the Garde Nationale during the French Revolution and a general in the American Revolution and also a Freemason.

A Few More Interesting Facts…

Paris used to be enclosed by an island and thus became the country of navigation. They used Isis, the goddess of navigation, as their “mascot”.

The Scottish Rites degrees, Tarot Cards (who’s creator Court de Gebelin) and the Cabalistic paths all have the number 32… The infamous Albert Pike also once wrote Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which was based on a series of his lectures and was divided into 32 chapters, covering all degrees except the 33rd because it was deemed a title.

The creator of the Tarot cards said they were of Egyptian origin and the Star in the deck is presumed to the star of Isis, Sirius the dog star.

Star Mapping And Other Coincidences…

With computer programs today available to show you star positioning on certain dates and times it appears the off axis of Pennsylvania Ave the sun settled directly over the street the day the Capitol was finished August 11th-12th. Also the Sirius star rose heliacally shortly before the Sun. In Ancient Egypt this marked the beginning/birth of a New Year. The same can be said with the axis of Paris as well. Due to the difference in latitude the same event happened August 20, 1793. The star Sirius rose above Louvre’s Palace south wing, home of the Capetian Miracle. The event also coincides with July 26th the supposed date of Alexander The Great’s birthday in Alexandria, someone also tied to Egyptian religion.

President Roosevelt, a known Mason, approved the design of the 5 sided Pentagon which is associated with the Masonic Blazing Star as well as the five pointed ancient star of Egypt, Sirius. The Pentagon’s ground breaking ceremony was Sept. 11th, 1941. The symbol of the 32nd degree of Scottish Masonry is a pentagon. The Scottish Rite Army divides into 5 divisions much like the US Military.

President Roosevelt and Truman helped creation the state of Israel in the 1940’s. Ironically enough they were the 32nd & 33rd presidents as well as 32 and 33 degree Scottish Rite Masons which symbolizes the achievement of sublime enlightenment, a.k.a. the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

Islam deemed George W. Bush evil as he was sworn in on a Masonic bible flown in that once was used to swear in his father as well as George Washington.

Bin Laden’s attack on the Free World, in his own words, was to free Israel from the hands of Jews and Crusaders. Declaration of the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. To them, Freemasonry is associated with Zionist and an attempt to hand over the world to the Jews. The Muslims believe the Antichrist is named Dajjal and he has one eye, similar to that of the all seeing eye symbol. With Masonic temples entrances having two pillars and radical Muslims insisting that America was driven by Freemasonry, it’s ironic that they attacked the TwinTowers that can be symbolized as the pillars to enter America.

In Conclusion..

Some may feel this is simply coincidence or looking to deep into an unimportant matter. All I can say is do your own research and make up your own mind. Don’t take this as gospel, use it as a study guide to find your own answers. Become enlightened…


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