The Separation of Christianity & The Evolution of Freemasonry (Part 1)

The following blog may be deemed controversial or blasphemous to some, please read with caution and realize this is just an reinterpretation of historical public information…

Main Reference: The Master Game by Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock

During the French Revolution an Anti-Christian sentiment seem to spring up out of nowhere. A fort, once used as a prison, was brought down during riots and a pyramid was to be erected in its place. Funding wore out before its completion though. After the church was brought down Louis XVIII, a known Freemason, was placed in charge after years of being in exile. He immediately had an obelisk from Egypt brought to France. When his son Charles X took over he had a painting created which appears to have later played a part in the blueprint for the layout of Paris, including the Louvre Pyramid that wasn’t constructed until 150 years later. Their original construction plans somehow had lived on over a century later.

The French Revolution and The American Revolution have ties with the Freemasonry organization. Several American Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin, were known to attend Mason events in France. Many of the Founding Fathers were known Masons and built the Declaration of Independence around Mason ideology. But where did this all begin?

Initial Attacks on Christianity…

The first attacks on Christianity were in fact by a group of Christians. In the 12th Century the Cathars (Catharism) deemed themselves good Christians. The Perfecti (with this status only being obtained after baptism) sustained from having sex or eating anything produce by sexual reproduction and thus were vegan. They believed in a God of Good and a God of Evil. They believed in Heaven but not necessarily Hell. They believed Earth was Hell and if you didn’t live righteously, you would spend continuous lifetimes on Earth until you separated yourself from the world and worldly matters.

They battled Roman Catholic beliefs and eventually started getting massacred by the cityfuls until nearly none remained. They had no fear of the afterlife and were more then happy to get executed. Some witnesses of Cathars being burned at the stake exclaimed how the Cathars would throw themselves into the fire and show no signs of fear while also not backing down from their faith.

Occitania was the capital of Catharism. They didn’t discriminate against other races or religious beliefs because we are all trapped in the same Hell. It took the Catholic Church 35 years but they eventually destroyed the Cathars as we know them. They often referred to them as Manchies, another Gnostic Christian religion that had previously been destroyed by the Romans. Both sides viewed the war as another chapter in an ancient war, but who was evil? Catharism was mostly comprised of vegetarian pacifists and went hand in hand with the Bogomilism faith of the same time period.

Many look at certain religions that pop up overnight as one shot religions based around the economic and social oppression of said time. The Cathars were labeled as Manichees, a religion that had been suppressed centuries before. The Cathars believed they were the True Christians set out to finally spread the true message of Christ that many had misinterpreted. The Catholic church had rose to power in the 4th century, made their own interpretations, and killed anyone who disagreed. In the 11th Century the Cathars and Bogomils set out to correct the interpretations of Christ’s message and were killed off systematically by the Roman Catholic Church. The Cathars who believed they were the true descendants of the Apostles had been killed off and an ancient war of many centuries seemed to have just had another battle. An ancient conspiracy? Maybe.

Their belief at the time was; since the Pope was deemed of great purpose on Earth, which is ruled absolutely by the God of Evil, he must be evil and his followers, unbeknownst to themselves, following the God of Evil. It also appears that many of the Cathars rituals were nearly word for word identical to early Christian rituals. Many of the Roman Catholics had modified or updated the rituals and condemned Cathars for staying true to tradition. The Cathars felt the Old Testament was the book of Jehovah/Satan/The God of Evil and that’s why God was perceived to be so angry and vengeful in it. Cathars only followed the New Testament the book of the heavenly father.

The Cathars, Bogomils, Manchies and Paulicians all believed in Christ but not in his “flesh” form, therefore they didn’t believe Mary could be deemed his mother. Around the beginning of the 4th Century, the Catholic Church gained state power and the Cathars believed the true nature of Christianity was banished to the underground and a fake Christianity, supported by the Roman Catholics, was placed in the mainstream. It appears that before that time both interpretations were accepted and after The Roman Catholic Church assumed power from the Romans, they started slaughtering anyone who opposed.

The Nag Hammadi & The Gnostics…

In 1945 a jar containing 13 gospels not included in the New Testament was found buried under a rock and was dated as being over 1600 years old and had been translated from an early text dating back to 50-100 A.D. Titled the Nag Hammadi, it was buried in the 4th Century, ironically around the time the Roman Church started its massacres against the Gnostics. It spoke of a secret society, referred to as the Organisation. Its mission was to build monuments of spiritual places a.k.a. stars. It also spoke of a God of Light and one of Evil and stated the God of Evil’s purpose was to make society drink from the water of forgetfulness. “Ignorance is the mother of all evil… Ignorance is a slave… Knowledge is freedom…” The Nag Hammadi believed the Organisation as followers of the God of Light attempting to free mankind from an eternal slavery on Earth.

The Gnostics for the first three centuries, A.D. honored Christ in a spiritual non-physical form as well as the Egyptian god Osiris. The Gnostics also viewed Jehovah of the Old Testament as the God of Evil and the snake in the Garden of Eden as the true hero. He asked Eve what “God” said to which she replied not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. The snake said fear not for it will open yours eye to good and evil. They ate from the tree and became enlighten, and “God” punished them before they could eat from the tree of life and become immortal. The Gnostics believed the Great Flood wasn’t to ride the world of evil but to shun the progress man had made thus far on the God of Evil’s world.

The Gnostics, Manchies, Cathars and Bogomils believed in salvation through knowledge. Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church believed in salvation through blind faith.

The Romans & Christianity…

Pontifex Maximus was a the title of high priest/emperor who’s responsibility was to protect the state religion (though said religion was allowed to change) and punish those who undermined it. Any offenders charged with heresy were burned at the stake. Why were Christians murdered for their religious beliefs for 4 hundred years and then the state of Rome switch to said religion?

Constantine the Great became ruler of Rome in 312 A.D. and extended state tolerance to Christianity under the Edict of Milan, thus ending Pontifex Maximus against Christianity. Constantine was deemed an evil man who killed his son and wife. He was baptized just before his death but was known as a pagan by many. Emperor Theodosius in 380 A.D. officially named Christianity as the state’s religion.

Why was Christianity all of a sudden tolerated in 312 A.D., officially became the religion in 380 A.D, and then all other faiths banned as of 392 A.D.? Why did the seemingly “Militant Roman Catholic Christians” prevail and the “Gnostic Christians” perish? Maybe due to the fact that the former was indeed militant and used force to prevail.

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth stated that the established church is an impostor. An imitation of the true church. How are you advancing the name of Christ by persecuting others? It seems to have happened continuously over time against the Gnostics, the Manchies, the Bogomils and the Cathars.

The Crusade…

Once King Philip Augustus of the French Monarch died in 1223 his son Louis VIII took over. He joined the “Crusade” and helped search out heretics. By 1229 they adopted an “Informer Culture” where they paid off citizens to help hunt out Cathars. Similar to the Jewish holocaust in modern times they took the land of and killed any Cathars or people aiding in hiding Cathars. All Cathars that accepted “The Church” had to wear markings on their clothing symbolizing they were former Cathars. Similar to the yellow circle Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis. During this time those accused of heresy, by law, had the right to an attorney, but no attorney would take their cases in fear of being accused of heresy themselves.

After 112 years of a one sided war, William Belibaste was burned at the stake in 1209. He was the last known Cathar in history.

Plato in his Timeus book told the story of Solon’s wisdom. Solon was quoted as saying the world suffered many deluges and fire periodically ravaged the Earth. The Nile Valley was lucky to survive many of these instances and had a complete history far into the past. Also they claimed to have knowledge of a golden age when man fraternized with Gods. Many classical writers admired the old wisdom of the Egyptians and their knowledge of the heavens (cosmos in translation) and motion of the stars. Plato’s knowledge was deemed the passing on of Ancient Egyptian knowledge and Roman Catholicism had long been known to oppose Platonic teachings. After the discovery of the Hermetic Texts it was decided to take “natural magic” attributes of the old Egyptian texts and merge with elements of the Cabala and incorporate them into Christianity. It was thought as a way to convert Jews and others into Catholicism.

The City of God…

Hermes Trismegistus spoke of a City of God in the Nile Valley built around the stars/heavens and of a perfect, harmonious alignment with Earth. “As is above, so is below.” It appears many of the worlds capitals were built around this same Hermetic scheme.

The Egyptians believed their Netherworld was in the constellation of Orion, home of the god Osiris, the star Sirius and the goddess Isis.

Alexander The Great seemed to be greatly influenced by the Egyptians beliefs. After he took Egypt from the Persians, he set out to create the City of God built around the heavens, Alexandria. It is assumed also that Paris was named after Isis. Pharia (of Pharos, named after the island). Pharia-Isis abbreviated to Paria-Isis to then to simply Paris.

The Egyptians also used a cross known as the ankh or crux ansata, symbolizing the life force.

Bruno The Nolan, was one of the last men preaching Egyptianism and astral magic. His death at the end of the 16th century was not only a message from the Catholic Church to anyone following heresy but also marked what would follow. The emergence of secret societies in the following 100 years, some like Freemasonry & the Illuminati, teaching Egyptian symbolism.

In part two we will discuss the start of Freemasonry and the Illuminati and how they played a part in the French Revolution, The American Revolution and what this all may have to do with 9/11…


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