Ancient Egypt 39,000 B.C.E. (Reanalyzing Humanity’s History) Part 2

Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE Blog/Book Review Part 2

An Ancient but Complex Structure…
Many look at the exterior of the pyramid and considered it a large, but simple structure, one block stacked on top of the next with no steel or modern materials. Once you examine the interior though, you get an idea of how complex this structure is. With three chambers, eight passageways and a Grand Gallery, the Great Pyramid is not only internally complex but essentially the largest puzzle ever created. The original entrance is 4 feet by 3.5 feet that descends 100 feet into a 46 by 27 feet room, which appears unfinished. Then an ascending passage, which is also 4 feet by 3.5 feet rises at an angle of 26.5 degrees for 129 feet. Once one understands the 4 chambers, it may help to explain what the pyramids were used for.

The upper chamber walls and ceilings are made of granite slabs with two built-in shafts on the north and south walls that exit the pyramids exterior. 43 granite beams were placed in a hidden chamber above this chamber’s ceiling.

The Grand Gallery chamber, the largest room in the pyramid, leads to the upper chamber.

The middle chamber, made of limestone, attaches to two shafts as well.

Finally, the subterranean chamber, located 100 feet into the bedrock, and when compared to the rest of the chambers, appears crude and unfinished. It is the largest chamber as well as possibly the most mysterious. 46 feet long by 27 feet wide, hewn into the limestone bedrock it is difficult to describe. Besides the various pits and protrusions, there is a shaft simply called the dead end shaft. 30 inches in height & width, it runs south for 57 feet before ending in a wall. One engineer in particular described the design as being similar to an old fashion pump. Edward Kunkel’s “The Pharaoh’s Pump” echoed this assumption. His theory is that the subterranean chamber appears to be a hydraulic ram pump, that forced water up through the pyramid and out through the shafts in the upper chamber. His theory was that the water was used to help build the pyramid.

In 1999, John Cadman believed Kunkel’s theory was partially right. He believed only the subterranean chamber were likely a water pump, more specifically a ram pump, which is the type that needs no electricity to operate. He pointed out that there was water damage in the chamber, especially on the ceiling which exhibits cavitation, which is caused by gas bubbles in water due to violent churning. The ceiling also exhibits damage you would expect to see from compression waves striking it. Cadman tested his theory with several models, and used a nearby river as a reservoir. When he finally achieved his goal his makeshift ram pump produced an audible heartbeat-like thump that could be felt through the ground 20 feet away, and heard 100 feet away. He named it the “pulse generator.”

(My own side theory/observation: Graham Hancock’s theory of Antarctica previously being Atlantis [From the book: Fingerprints of the Gods] could use this as a possible theory of how Antarctica moved in the first place. He believes an advanced civilization lived on Antarctica/Atlantis, and the continent was previously located between Africa and South America. His theory also suggests that Antarctica had been in this location until just several thousand years ago and not in its current location, frozen, for the past 6 million years as academics tell us. If this 500 pound model Cadman produced caused such a strong physical and audible result, imagine what the Great Pyramid could have done. Could a large enough man made vibration cause Antarctica’s plate to shift and send it ultimately to the area it is now, trapped in a modern day Ice Age? Just a theory…)

The Pulse Generator Theory…
If the pulse generator theory is correct then the granite in the upper chamber would have resonated due to granite’s reflective properties. Also all of the 43 granite slabs above the upper chamber are rough cut on one side. This could have been done to get a desired frequency, harmonizing, from all 43 granite slabs. When tested the Helmholtz resonances produced by wind blowing across the entry tunnel, developed over a number of octaves in the resonant frequency of F sharp. The shafts in the upper chamber would then act like the pipes on a pipe organ. But why?

Pressure waves introduced into the atmosphere creates ionization. In other words, sound waves at certain frequencies moving through the atmosphere create an electrically field. That would explain the shafts leading nowhere in the middle chambers. With vibrations steadily moving up, over time the structure would crumble because the sound waves would continue to build. Adding a dampener in the middle of the pyramid would assist in absorbing the constant vibrations. Even James Boswick, author of the 1877 book Great Pyramid of Giza and one of the first people to enter the middle chamber was quoted as saying the chamber was horizontal for 7 feet, then turned north and south at an angle of 32 degrees, possibly for acoustic purposes.

It has been proven on some levels that something about pyramid shapes can help produce a resonant energy of its own. Dr. K. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets experimented with the theory and the Russian air forced radar detected energy in his trails. He believes, “the great pyramid was built intentionally in order to amplify basic energy fields on the Earth on a very subatomic, quantum level.”

Many rectangular granite boxes discovered in the Giza Plateau have been found sealed as well as empty. One theory behind this is electron bombardment to enhance crop yields. In other words, fertilizing without chemicals or moisture. Seeds are showered with extremely low energy electrons, which are absorbed by the seeds. As a result it triggers the cells natural defenses to produce more antioxidants. Once that happens it destroys the free radicals, thus the seed becomes stronger and is able to handle the stress of flooding, droughts and temperature extremes. A form of seed inoculation that makes the seeds immune system stronger.

Inventor and physicist John Burke, has studied many of the megalithic sites (more the 80) in North America, Europe & Egypt. Him and his colleague, armed with a fluxgate magnetometer, electrostatic voltmeter & ground electrodes detected an excess of electrons present in each site as opposed to the surrounding atmosphere. One common geomagnetic anomaly people are familiar with is the aurora borealis as known as “The Northern Lights.” Earth generates a magnetic field to protect us from solar radiation. It’s perceived that somehow the Ancients understood how these megalithic structures in certain areas could harvest power from the Earth’s magnetic fields. Whether they then used this for agriculture or not is up to interpretation, but the theory appears plausible that they understood what they were doing.

Stonehenge for example, built in the shape of C, with a three foot ditch at the perimeter of the C concentrates the current in the middle of the range.

All this seems like a logical reason for the pyramids to have been built. Especially considering that dolomite limestone (rich in manganese) was taken from the west bank of the Nile for the pyramids. Because of the manganese, the dolomite effectively conducts electricity. Over the dolomite core, limestone with lower levels of manganese called Tura limestone was introduced, it’s known to act as an insulator of electricity. The Tura was cut to precision, (1/100 of an inch), presumably because precision would be needed to allow none of the charge to leak. According to legend, the Great Pyramid had a gold capstone; gold is the most conductive of materials.

Leaving Evidence of an Advanced Culture…
Gutzon Borglum spent the last half of his life to sending a message to the future of civilization. With the help of funding from congress he craved Mount Rushmore into the Black Hills granite peaks. Why? He stated in 10,000 years our civilization will have passed without a trace and a new race of people will inhabit the Earth and he wanted the legacy of America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt to live on. If that were to happen and the English language lost, new civilizations with no knowledge of the previous culture of the United States may mistakenly view this monument as an ancient civilization worshipping their Gods.

It’s well known that there are incredible gaps in human history. To fill in this gap, with the help of archaeology & anthropology, you find the earliest written record or oldest structure, use the best available evidence and start from there. Thus you create civilization’s origin. Ours began approximately in 3000 BCE. In the 19th history we used the Bible as a land mark of how old the world was. Tracing back the lineage of Genesis patriarchs it was calculated at 4000 years. Then through the findings of bones from extinct species, that timeline got pushed back. Thus was born science’s darling, evolution. Every aspect of life now is considered to be the byproduct of things evolving. Once uniformitarianism was introduced environmental conditions were considered to have been the same since the beginning of time and if there were any changes it occurred over a long period of time. During the last few decades though, catastrophism was reintroduced as a major player in Earth’s history. It is now viewed as a major player in evolution over the course of the last 5 million years. It’s difficult to find these catastrophism events because our Earth is self maintaining. Over time things return to raw materials and “start over.” Meteor craters fill with soil and water over time. The evidence is in the moon and its many craters from impacts. The Earth being much larger, by logic, would attract more stellar objects.

Earth’s most recent mass extinction happened sometime between 3000 B.C.E. & 13,000 B.C.E. Recently Arizona’s meteor crater was linked to coincide with other glass melts from around the world. Many myths around the world are thought to be celestial tales of stars and planets moving through the equinox a la Hamlets Mill. One thing that is interesting is the end of the “Gods” reign in Egypt, seems to coincide with the end of the Ice Age, which would also coincide with the recently discovered evidence of a massive meteor shower that struck Earth approximately in 12,990 B.C.E.

Mass Extinction and the Rebuilding of Civilization…
Terminal Pleistocene Extinction is the scientific term for the cataclysm that happened at the end of the Ice Age. It is reported that 45% of mammals became extinct at this point. Who’s to say human civilizations did not?

America, Europe & Siberia seemed to suffer equally. Bodies upon bodies of dead animals have been found in certain regions. Their death by definition could not have been ordinary. Mostly the Northern Hemisphere was affected, only some parts of the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia, escaped destruction. The Magdalenian culture, creators of the 40,000 year old ChauvetCave artwork in Western Europe, seemingly vanished.

In 10,000 B.C.E., the city of Jericho arose and is the oldest known city. Examining the ruins of Jericho, which appears to have been inhabited for nearly 9,000 years, shows a civilization of sophistication. Houses with makeshift stoves, flooring and painted walls. Bowls, cups, spatulas and other personal household items you would commonly find were present, but of course made out of volcanic rock and animal bones. High quality cement mixtures are also present. It looked more of a city trying to rebuild then a civilization starting off for the first time. Picture the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner to put this into perspective. Whatever the case may be, some of the earlier inhabitants vanished without a trace and 2,000 years later Sumer and Egypt appeared.

Carbon 14 dating has been practiced over the past several decades as a way to date things. Essentially through the assistance of the bristlecone pine in the Southwestern U.S., the oldest living tree on Earth, scientists were able to fine tune their carbon measurements. What they hypothesized is one of two things. Either a nuclear explosion happened on Earth prior to 10,000 B.C.E. or a coronal mass ejection hit and increased the amount of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere.

Firestone and Topping wrote an article entitled, “Terrestrial Evidence of a Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times.” According to the article North America was bombarded with cosmic particles, with the heaviest concentrations being in the region of the Great Lakes. The atmosphere above the state of Michigan during this catastrophe reached 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. Their theory is that a 6.5 mile wide comet struck the Midwest 13,000 years ago. This was preceded by an intense blast of iron rich grains that impacted Earth 34,000 years ago.

The Younger Dryas seems to be the result of a chain of cosmic events that struck the Earth starting 34,000 years ago and ended 13,000 years ago. When the Geminga pulsar came to the end of its life, it became a supernova and sent out a massive amount of radiation. The light from the supernova, which was a mere 150 light years away, would have appeared to be two suns in the day time and two moons at night. The initial gamma rays would’ve killed off a large portion of planets, animals and humans that were directly struck. The shockwave from Geminga’s explosion would have moved comets and asteroids throughout our solar system. Dust, debris, and ice would have hit the sun causing an increase in solar flares. During this period of cosmic events is when the comet more than likely struck Earth. The impact of this comet more then likely caused firestorms and heat rises which melted some of the glacial sheets. The rapidly melting ice, and all that followed would have created tsunamis and the release of methane gas from the oceans floor.

This could be the back story of the mythical tales of the Eye of Ra, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Noah’s Flood and Deucalion’s flood. This also would explain the mass extinctions, and sudden global warming at the end of the Ice Age. The human survivors of this unfortunate chain of events would never forget the celestial changes. The dense gas clouds would’ve created a luminous oval around the blue star and would be visible for some time. At night this glow would look like an eye, the Eye of Ra maybe. During the day it would appear to be a second sun, 32 times larger then our sun. From a mythical stand point, the blue star would have been perceived as a new, more powerful God with control over the other Gods/stars in the heavens/cosmos.

On the ceiling of the temple of Denderah, a zodiac with the Egyptian constellations in a polar projection format is present. What’s interesting is the summer solstice is oriented true north, while the spring and autumnal equinoxes are oriented due east and west representing polar displacement (a result of precession). It appears the creators understood the precession of the equinoxes and wanted to mark the key date of 13,687 BCE, give or take 20 years. Why did they want to remember this date, we know recognize as 15,000 years later? The marker they used for this date on the celestial equator close to the summer solstice transect, Hathor, the cow of Isis, adorned with a star.

The Importance of Recognizing History…
History, albeit just a story, is an important one which helps us to not make the same mistakes. Written records before 2000 B.C.E are rare, written records before 3000 BCE is non-existent. The oldest record is the Egyptian Kings list which reaches back 40,000 years but unfortunately mythology of the past and oral traditions are written off as fables & fantasies of primitive people.

Herodotus spoke of being taken to a great temple where Egyptian priest told him to story of 341 generations of kings. In this time it is said, “…the sun had moved four times from his accustomed place of rising, and where it now sets he had thence twice had his rising, and in the place from whence he now rises he had twice had his setting…” This can be explained as the spring equinox had twice been located in the constellation of Aries, and passed twice in the opposing constellation of Libra. One and a half precessional cycles occurred during all of ancient Egypt’s historic and prehistoric periods, approximately 39,000 years.

A logical conclusion to all this would be the Egyptian Followers of Horus reoccupied the buildings their ancestors erected and attempted to continue a post apocalyptic civilization. Mount Rushmore was built in case of a catastrophe striking America and is expected to last, unattended, for the next 200,000 years. With the creation of the American Hall of Records in the location of Mount Rushmore, one wonders if there could be an Egyptian Hall of Records. A psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce claimed there was one under the front paws of the Sphinx. Ironically enough, in 1991 Robert Schoch ran a seismic survey and discovered an unearthed rectangular chamber underneath the front paws. What’s in it, we still don’t know because it’s never been excavated.

More Anomalies…

Danish explorer Frederick Louis Norden went to Egypt in the 18th century and after he passed his notes were published. During his travels he noticed a great number of sea shells on the plateau and attached to the pyramid, insisting it once was near the sea.

He also spoke of a 4th large pyramid built of black stone. A History of Egypt also spoke of a pyramid built out of black stone. Another book, with notes from the 14th century by the name Hitat by Al Makrizi, goes into detail about this pyramid. He claimed it contained 30 treasure chambers filled with instruments, picture columns, precious stones, equipment of fine iron like weapons that don’t rust, glass that folds without breaking, medicines, poisons, etc. Corpses were laid in black granite, with books containing magical arts, the life story and work of each individual. There were also claims of mechanical statues that the beholder feared to speak of because he felt his intelligence would be insulted. He claims he knows what he saw.

Herodotus once commented that the pyramids surpassed description, but the Labyrinth surpassed the pyramids. It had 12 roofed courts, six facing north and six south. A single wall surrounded the entire building, and on the inside there were 3000 chambers, half underground, half above. He claims he didn’t get to see the underground chambers but the chambers above surpassed all human production. Unfortunately we may never know if this Labyrinth ever existed, due to the extensive amounts of plundering the Giza Plateau has faced over the past 2,000+ years.

An underground “subway” was found in 1935 by archaeologist Dr. Selim Hassan and he believed it contain possible parts to the mysterious Labyrinth Herodotus spoke of. Close to an unfinished pyramid Dr. Hassan found the remains of a wonderful city as he recalls it, “The city has a perfect drainage system and other amenities which were not introduced into Europe until 200 years ago!” Official representatives claimed these reports were false and all information surrounding the sacred area had been released. Some believe that there is a high level of censorship in the operation, one designed to protect Eastern & Western religions.

One mural inside of Denderah’s Temple of Hathor may possibly point to how advanced the Egyptians were. The now famous, “Denderah Light Bulbs.” The craving shows two men facing one another, each holding a large object shaped like a large, elongated light bulb. At the back of the bulbs is a cord attached to a box. Inside the bulb is a serpent with its tail at the bade of the bulb where there appears to be a socket. Modern Egyptologist claim the mysterious “bulbs” are just a lotus flower spawning the primordial serpent from within. Whatever the case may be the other two crypts in this temple are closed from public viewing.

In Conclusion…

The Great Pyramids are mankind’s greatest architectural achievement but somehow still believed to have been created by not only mankind’s first civilization, but with man’s simplest hand tools. There is evidence of chisel marks in some places of the pyramid but you can not use that as evidence as it being the only tool used in the process. If a modern SUV was somehow preserved in the ground and found by a new civilization 10,000 years later next to a crescent wrench, a screwdriver and a hammer would that mean that was the only tools used to create it? Modern knowledge would tell you, no. So we can not use that same way of thinking on the creation that is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Even though many ancient legends and myths are looked down upon in modern times you have to view them from a logical perspective. In ancient times creating documents were tedious and expensive; also unnecessary considering many were illiterate. Trying to convey a list of facts from one generation to the next would be difficult. The easiest way to spread an ancient message would be through the art of storytelling, which would also be the simplest to memorize. Then once means of documentation became simpler, the ancient stories can now be written down and shared with many as story based around historical facts. We must look into the myths and interrupt it into modern terms. The ancients didn’t understand such natural phenomenon’s, like Tsunamis, meteor showers or droughts. So they could only translate it in terms that made sense to them. The Gods being angry with mankind. Also if an ancient civilization stumbled across the remains of an even more ancient but advanced civilization, all they would be able to do is explain their findings in the terms of what they know.

Cultural evolution is believed to be linear so our view of history is that we were more advanced then everyone before us.

Today with John Cadman’s demonstrations of the subterranean region of the Great Pyramid as a hydraulic pulse pump, John Burke’s scientific investigation into the means of stone structures helping in the fertilization of crops, Christopher Dunn’s analysis of power tools being used on stones at Any Rawash and finally John Anthony West & Robert Schoch’s redating of the Sphinx, we now have a totally different view on Ancient Egypt and Civilization X.

In the end Edward F. Malkowski interprets this all as evidence that the stone structures were extant by 14,500 BCE. The survivors of a calamity that befell our planet at the end of the Ice Age, the Followers of Horus, struggled their way back from near extinction and restarted their ancestor’s once great civilization. The survivors no longer had the means to big build and in favor built in subsistence. All the survivors could do was pass down knowledge, philosophy and the dim memory of a Civilization X. These Followers of Horus, a newly primitive people, could only spread the story of the reign of their Gods, the creators of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, the earlier inhabitants of Egypt, and attempt to copy their magnificence as they rebuilt their own civilization.

In the next blog we will take a look at the separation of Christianity, the evolution of Freemasonary and how Ancient Egypt plays a part in all of this…


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