Quick Review of The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley

Incredible read about one of the more controversial African Americans of all time. Brother Malcolm wore his heart on his sleeve and whether right or wrong he was never afraid to say what was on his mind to anyone who cared to listen. Unfortunately his image will always be tarnished by some due to his criminal background and speeches filled with racism towards the white man. Malcolm sincerely, in his heart, felt the white man was the product of evil due to his upbringings and what he witness happen time and time again to non-whites in the early 1900’s. Malcolm truly wanted to see his race treated fairly and felt it was his duty to say what many other “black leaders” feared to say. After a holy trip to Mecca, Malcolm found the true meaning of Islam and spent the rest of his days trying to clean up his image, while still staying true to the fight for equality. Sadly he was taken away from this Earth too soon to see his image “improved” and see the fruits of his labor. He was truly an inspiration to many freedom fighters from all walks of life..


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