The Girl With No Last Name


Your the chick in my 5th hour history class, that has turned into more of a study hall because our original teacher is on the run from the cops for having sex with underage girls. We go to this class everyday after lunch and everyone just goofs off and shares gossip. We have a new substitute teacher everyday that is simply there to babysit and make sure the students aren’t fighting or smoking weed in class.  We’re half way done with the school year, so the board has practically given up on teaching us anything this year. It’s right around the time when school starts back up after Christmas break, and your the new girl.

I’m not sure of your background story, where your from, why you transferred to this school and I have no idea what your last name is but none of that really matters. Because your beautiful and your nice to me. See all the guys in school are trying to become your friend, and secretly fighting behind your back to see who can sleep with you first and then dump you to gain more cool points in this crazy world we call High School. But I’m different, and I’m not 100% sure if you know that or if you know that I think that you know that I think that. Wait.. I know, I’m starting to confuse myself also now as I get lost in the moment. All I know is when I get out of school I race my 1965 Shelby Mustang that I named after you. No, I’m not rich, I’m actually quite the opposite. I just have this game called Gran Turismo for the Playstation that me and my best friend play everyday and we just saw this movie called Gone In 60 Seconds where they steal cars and name them after women. This Shelby is the most prized possession in my virtual car garage so I thought it would only be fitting to name it after you. My nerdom is starting to seep through, but none of that really matters though, I’m just trying to avoid the inevitable moment when I will have to approach you and confess how I feel.
Valentine’s Day is approaching, I’ve let some time pass and I still haven’t told you what’s on my mind. We’ve developed a friendship during this time though and that’s pretty cool. I even once borrowed your homework off of you to copy it even though I think I have a higher grade then you in this class.  I just wanted to have a reason to interact with you tomorrow but your handwriting is incredibly bad, so I just wrote the paper myself and thanked you anyway the following day. I enjoy our friendship but I want more then that. I’m starting to think I have a chance because many of the guys have given up because you’ve turned down every advance they’ve made towards you. Maybe its because you didn’t come to this school to become the cliched, new popular slut, or maybe you were waiting for the right person. Maybe I was that person, I don’t know, I tend to be over analytical but this time I think I’m on to something.
Today is now Valentine’s Day and I got you a teddy bear and a nice card and I have it in the back seat of my 1983 Cutlass Supreme. I  wait until lunch is nearly over, I get it and slowly approach class. I’m nervous as can be because not only our some of the cool kids in this class but also a couple of the guys you turned down so if this goes wrong I’ll be the laughing stock of campus until the next unfortunate individual does something incredibly embarrassing in front of a larger group of students. I have it stashed and I’m pretending as if it doesn’t exist. Before I know it the bell rings, class is over, I’m having second thoughts but forget it, I have to do this. As the class leaves I catch up to you in the hallway and give you your Valentine’s gift. “Here, I got you something.” Your eyes light up, you give me a hug, along with your number and you walk away glowing as all your friends smile and ask what the card says. The guys in class frown as they head to their next hour, and I feel as if I just scored the 3 that clenched States for us. #Winning
That evening we talk on the phone and.. everything kind of falls apart. The mystic of who you are and what your about fades as you have absolutely nothing to say. I sit on the other end of the phone and I have nothing in return of interest to talk about. I’m not sure if it’s because neither one of us are nervous, their is simply no chemistry whatsoever between us. After about 30 minutes of a very awkward telephone conversation consisting of many yeah’s, uh-huh’s, and umm’s, I pretend my mom needs me to do something and I say that I’ll call back, but I never do. We continue the rest of that school year as if that moment never happened, were still friends but that’s it. And you know what, that’s also ok. For that moment I was the envy of the school’s entire male population. I got the number of the girl with no last name.
I learned that year that sometimes you chase things, obtain them and their not quite what you expected but the true joy comes from the chase and your vision to accomplish the impossible.



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